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 Our Faith


Relationship is the comprehensive, unifying principle of all of life. We are
made to be in relationship— with God, with others, with our own spiritual selves, and with the
 earth. There are sublime truths to be learned about the nature of God and the universe when
 we participate in conscious, intentional, loving relationships. Christ came into this world to be
 in relationship with us.

How we live our lives is the greatest expression of our faith. Living in all of
our human dimensions (physical, emotional, spiritual, sexual, and intellectual) is where we
 encounter God. Christ's teaching and template is the model for our living.

Evil is permitted in the world because there is free will. Terrible, tragic things
do happen, but goodness can always come out of them. Nothing is allowed to happen that
cannot be used for a good end. No hardship or defeat, however traumatic, can separate us
from the love of God and from the promise of wholeness.

The Bible has a spiritual message. Through the language of symbols, we are able
 to delve into a vast landscape of meaning that speaks to the minute and the infinite dimensions
of our lives. The Bible is the book of each person's spiritual development founded on Jesus’
journey in the world.

Being helpful makes us happiest. Real joy comes from participating and creating
 in the world. It is not a retreat from the earthly, but a full embrace of body, mind, heart, and
 soul. Living out our authentic and unique desire to be helpful to the world brings us joy and
growth toward wholeness and enlightenment.

Our church’s mission is help people live and grow out of that usefulness.